GnuPG 2.2 refuses secret key import: "error sending to agent: operation cancelled" - Super User

i'm trying import pgp identity including secret keys new computer connecting computer has secret key, , running

ssh othercomputer cat myself.gpg | gpg2 --import 

when doing this, looks gpg importing public keys, not private ones. when examining output closer, can see says "error sending agent: operation cancelled" assume has problem.

i have

  • tried specifying pinentry-program in gpg-agent.conf;
  • restarted gpg-agent , triple-checked running; and
  • verified versions of gpg-agent , gpg match.

the issue – think – gnupg detects running in pipe, i.e. in non-interactive shell. since non-interactive means there's no user interacting it, there little point in showing pinentry dialog – @ least in cases.

the easiest solution store myself.gpg on local drive , import in separate command. understand solution may have repercussions in terms of privacy , secrecy, understand consequences of choice before blindly follow advice.


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